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Affordable websites and social media management designed to help your business shine online


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We specialize in small business web design because we know it can be tough to get your business off the ground. We aim to build you a simple, fast website that gets your information in front of potential customers, helping bring in more revenue for your business

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Mobile-First Design

Most internet traffic is mobile, so we start developing with that in mind.

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Fully Responsive

We make sure your website looks good on any screen, so new clients can find your site wherever they are.

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Clients don't like to wait, so we do our best to keep your page fast, raising it's search engine potential.


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$0 Down, $150 Per Month
12 Month Minimum Contract

Business can be tough, so we want to help ease the burden. We charge $0 down for a standard 5 page small business website.

You own your domain, content, listing, and profiles.

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Just For You

Every website we make is uniquely tailored to YOUR business.

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24/7 Service

You get the direct line to the developer, no waiting in a frusting phone menu.

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Hosting Included

Hosting fees are built right into your monthly payment.

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Unlimited Edits

Don't like something? We will change it for free!

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Custom Solutions

If your business needs more specific solutions, we do custom pricing based on the amount of work and time involved.


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My name is Joe Rohde. I am the owner and developer at Lamplighter Web Design. I have spent my life pursuing my passion of helping people, from churches, to foster kids, and now to small business web development. My mission is to help small businesses get off the ground with a simple and affordable website. I know first hand how hard it can be to afford the essentials for your business, so I'm here to help you navigate your online presence.

Joe Rohde, owner and ceo of Lamplighter Web Design


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Let's talk details. Just let us know how to reach you